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David with his partner Mo.jpeg

David with his partner 'Mo'

About David Ware

David was born in 1931 and raised in the Rhondda Valley which was, at that time, a tough coal mining area of South Wales.  Although his father had been a miner, he broke the cycle after four generations of mining to enter the world of entrepreneurship which was an amazing achievement in those days.  Similarly David, determined to find something more, looked to the Colonies whereupon he emigrated to Canada in 1954 along with two likeminded friends.   Here David found a job as an engineering draughtsman based solely on his flair for sketching and drawing though he yearned to pursue his art which he nurtured by studying at the Ontario College of Art as a night student.


In 1980 he left his job to develop his woodturning craft and painting into a full time career and was, for several years, with the studio of Timothy Phillips, a Canadian artist who had studied with Salvador Dali, Augustus John and others.  From here David absorbed some of those influences both technical and thematic.  Having trained at both the Ontario College of Art and Exeter College,  England, his work matured quickly and was being collected by both private and corporate clients whilst exhibiting throughout Canada and the United States.


For many years David absorbed into his paintings the loving 'hands on feel of the shaping and finishing' when wood turning.  He says I paint to free my spirit and I turn wood to relax.  In synthesis David has his own style of painting with some influence from the Canadian Group of Seven and paints our landscapes as poems of light.  He says of himself 'I studied painting for only a short period so consider myself  'self taught and have happily survived on that for over 40 years'.


For the last few years, of his time in Canada, David longed to return to his native Wales to paint the Welsh landscape.  Finally in 2005 this became possible and he now lives in the tiny village of Tre’r-ddol, Ceredigion where, in his studio and workshop, he enjoys his art and woodturning.

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